Peanut Gallery

Dear internet,

Theres no doubt that Rumi Neely from fashion toast has some fantastic pieces…Yeah many of her clothes have beautiful detailing and fabulous textures, howwweevvveer.. Her outfits are completely and utterly lacking  in the colour department.. none.. so bland.. theyre all like verryy light or black or white or some shade of grey. Furthermore!!! They never have any insanely eye catching element to them.. im sorry but theyre so PLAIN! And the way she does her hair… its always the saaammme.. that ombre. that cut. its been so incredibly long! right? She needs to switch it upp! Its just not interesting… Doesn’t do it for me.

Go to any street style blog (the sartorialist, stockholm street style, jak&jill) and you see mad style! People wear some seriously eye catching, intriguing, unique outfits.

Its not just about the beauty of the piece, its how its paired with other pieces. ITS THE COMBO BABY!

I know I can’t say shit cause a) what do i know? and b) im working on a slightly different budget..

But anyways.. thats ma 2 cents folks. L8r dudes!!!!!



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